Cherry Wedding

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  • May 15, 2014 -
  • Wedding Stationary Arne & Anita -
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The first picture shows the invitation of the marriage ceremony. For our friends we sent out a package of cards. They include a card with special words for every friend and a map for finding the party location. The color theme represents the dark cherry. A few days before the party started we sent out a timetable (last picture).

Seating Plan

To reduce the time, until every guest finds his seating place, we made a plan. After the dinner, everyone could move about freely of course.
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Name Tags

Every friend gets a name tag. The name is written on the front- and the backside. So that each guest can see the name of his seatmate and everybody gets to talk to each other. Except for the name tags of the wedding couple. Here the crowns are representing their status.

Thank You Card

The Thank You Card is made of parchment paper, because we collected donations for a breeding station, wich helps animals in emerceny. That was our gift wish for the wedding.
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Menu and Drink Menu

Just to know what’s there to eat at the buffet and special cocktails chosen by bride and bridegroom.

Dessert Decoration

The desserts were decorated with some kind words. Each pin consists of two stickers on a skewer and a leather band like a bow tie.
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